Siddika Sultana Executive Director, ESDO & Director of Asian Center for Environmental Health made an intervention at BRS COP

Siddika Sultana Director of Asian Center for Environmental Health presented at BRS COP

WAMFD awards ‘Public Official of the Year 2017’ to Fernando Lugris

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The Asian Center for Environmental Health is opening a pathway to work closely with environment. This is a new initiative of building a network among the countries of Asia-Pacific in environmental issues.

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The world needs mercury free dentistry

Mercury dental amalgam or ‘Silver filling’ is a silver-colored material used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay. It is made of 50% mercury, 35% silver and 13% tin, approx. 2% copper and <0.1% zinc and other trace metals. This amalgam, in widespread use for over 150 years, is one of the oldest materials used in oral health care. Alarmingly, mercury is also one of the ten chemicals of major...

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To protect environment and children health in Asia, we need to work together to ensure toxic free, safe and sustainable future for the next generation. We work for mercury free dental care and be specific to the children and women of child bearing age in Asia. We are also focusing lead and mercury exposure to the children. Please support our programmes which are being conducted in this region.

You can: 1.Volunteer  2. Provide technical support  3.Provide Financial Support

You can send your donation directly to Asian Center’s International co-ordination office in Washington D.C., USA or regional head quarter in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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