Extensive Media Coverage of Mercury Phase Down in Bangladesh

It is expected that more than 1.5 million people became aware of the need for Mercury Free Dentistry through November 2014 programs in Bangladesh run by ESDO and the World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry. People were receptive to information dissemination about mercury dental amalgam. Participants were positive about eliminating amalgam but proper regulations and guidelines are needed. It is also important that alternatives be promoted by dentists among their patients. Government incentives will help this initiative to grow and support a mercury free Bangladesh by 2017. To raise awareness of the issues of mercury dental amalgam ESDO conducted an extensive media campaign during the program.  ESDO released frequent press releases and formed a strong relationship with the media, which resulted in the publication of 34 news articles over the period and a high level of media coverage.

ESDO also used online and social media to spread our message, including Facebook, Twitter, our website and newsletter. We published several electronic posters and IEC materials on our website, making them available for download across the country and the globe.  Additionally, ESDO used SMS messaging to target key stakeholders and draw attention to our online campaign resources

Mercury dental amalgam is a toxic element that persists in the environment and accumulates in the food chain. Use of dental amalgam increases environmental pollution and health hazards. Dentists and dental students participating in the open forum and summit were very concerned about the effect of this poisonous element. Most of them have emphasized the role of government and the health care sector in this issue.

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