Sub-Regional Online Consultation on Mercury Free Dentistry on September 20, 2016

P_20160920_152654 (2) P_20160922_163038 P_20160920_152845As part of the planned regional and sub-regional consultation a sub-regional online consultation was organized by Asian Center for Environmental Health in association with World Alliance and Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO) on 20th of September, 2016. The consultation was carried out through Skype call. Main objective of the consultation was to review the progress of the mercury free dentistry initiatives taken by the South Asian countries in line of the Asian NGOs Declaration, adapted in the Asian Summit at Bangkok in this year. The representatives of World Alliance participating organizations (POs) from ESDO, Bangladesh, Toxics Link, India, OSVSWA, Odissha, India and CEPHED, Nepal participated in the meeting.

The agenda of the sub-regional consultation were:

1) Follow up of Asian Summit and its actions
2) Update of National and Regional activities
3) Joint funding strategy/Initiatives

ESDO’s Recommendations were to move on with a vision to stop amalgam in Baby-Teeth and pregnant woman’s treatment and take urgent initiative immediately. Petition to ban amalgam should be submitted to Governments of respective countries. The Media campaign needs to be done in a broader extent focusing adverse impact of amalgam in milk teeth and pregnant women health. The meeting ended with a vision to move forward for joint project proposal submission