ESDO and BDS team have visited Seven dental chambers at Uttara

An Approach has been commenced in Bangladesh to achieve the target of mercury-free dentistry for nursing mother and children by 2019 and complete phase out of dental amalgam from the entire dentistry sector of Bangladesh by 2020 as declared by Bangladesh Dental Society (BDS). Bangladesh is heading towards mercury-free dentistry practices very fast compared to other countries. There are large numbers of dental colleges and dental units of medical institutions where dentists are practicing dental treatments without using a minimum mercury amalgam. Keeping pace with such progress, an approach has been taken by ESDO, BDS and Asian Center for Environmental Health that includes recognition of mercury amalgam free dental chambers in Bangladesh and after covering certain numbers of dental chambers under this initiative, the principal dentists will be certified through a ceremony. Such visits and recognition process are done mainly to build up proper awareness about the harmful effect of using mercury amalgam in dentistry among the dentists and mass people. As the initiatives taken to achieve the goal of mercury free dentistry in Bangladesh, Recently ESDO team have visited Seven dental chambers at Uttara and have  recognized them as mercury free dental chambers through pasting stickers. The dental chambers were IMA Dental Care, Dr. Kamrul’s Dental and Orthodontics, Total Dental Care, Aristocrat Dental Care & Orthodontic Center, Specialized Dental Care and Orthodontics, Smile Zone Dental Care, The United Dental, Smile Line Dental Carte The event was carried out on February 20, 2019. This event was held with the presence of honorable Chairperson of ESDO, Syed Marghub Morshed, Dr. Humayun Kabir Bulbul, Secretary General of BDS, Siddika Sultana, Executive Director of ESDO.