Nepal Dental Association (NDA) bans use of mercury dental amalgam

NDA has put a restriction on the use of mercury dental amalgam in the nation.

In line with this different professional associations, national, regional and global initiatives including UN minamata convention on mercury taken towards mercury free dentistry, NDA in consultation with all concerned professional associations, societies, NGOs has declared and endorsed three public health and environment friendly decisions to be effective from 2 March, 2019.

The mercury dental amalgam should not be used for dental treatment of deciduous teeth of children under 15 years and of pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Dr. Pravindra Adhikari, president of NDA endorsed the aforementioned decision taken with high level commitment for its effective implementation through its all members and societies.

He also explained this as a progressive movement of NDA in line with different national, regional and international dental federation such as British Dental Association , EU decision and FDI as well as several other countries/ dental societies taken towards protection of environment an public health.

The decision came a result of the Centre for Public Health and Environmental Development (CEPHED) campaigns to ban mercury dental amalgam use in the country from time and again and working together with several stakeholders especially with professional association like NDA, a network of over 1500 dental health care professional and practitioners all over Nepal.

“This decision will enormously contribute to fulfilling the national obligation of reduction in use and release of mercury under Minamata Convention on Mercury that came into effect globally on August 26, 2017,” said Ram Charitra Sah, executive director and an environment scientist at CEPHED.

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