No taxpayer money for mercury fillings!

Choosing Maine as this year’s battleground state, Consumers for Dental Choice is trying to cut off taxpayer money for mercury fillings.  No one’s tax dollar should to go toward implanting mercury in our neighbors’ mouths – nor should it finance the pro-mercury dentists who are polluting our communities.

“To prepare for the battle, we worked with our allies on the ground in Maine to found the Mercury-Free Maine Coalition, which is organizing parents, environmentalists, and mercury-free dentists who are determined to keep their tax money out of the mercury business.” said Charles G. Brown President of World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry.

He also added that ,”so the committee vote pitched two formidable forces against each other…we closely lost the committee vote…but there is good news: We have enough support to get the bill to the floor nonetheless.  The Maine Senate will vote on the bill in about two weeks.Victory in Maine is an uphill fight, but this cause has been fighting uphill from the start – and look how far we have come!  So we’re digging in in Maine!  If you live in Maine or have family in Maine, please email me at with the subject heading, “Charlie, I’ll help win Maine.” Or ask your friends and colleagues in Maine to contact me.

I hope to hear from Mainers who want to help out, and I will keep the rest of you in the loop on this groundbreaking pilot project!”