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Client Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO

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Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO is an action research organization focused on creating a pollution and toxic free earth inhabitable by all living creatures. It is the first and one of the leading environmental organization of Bangladesh. The mission of ESDO is to promote and encourage an environmental movement through a participatory democratic framework involving diverse social groups and to assist them with ideas, information and leadership in promoting a safe and sustainable environment.

Significant achievement:

Since 1990, ESDO has been raising awareness of the toxic free world. The most significant achievement of the organization was the banning of plastic bags throughout the country in 2002 and lead the global anti polythene shopping bag and plastic.

From 1995-2002 ESDO raised mass awareness and intercepted policy with a nationwide campaign with the urge of banning 2-stroke vehicle. In the line of this, the Government officially banned all 2-stroke vehicles and introduced CNG as the common form of energy.

Since 2010, ESDO has been conducting national campaign and policy lobbying on ‘Lead free Paints’ in Bangladesh in collaboration with IPEN with funding from the European Union and the active involvement of the Bangladesh Paint Manufacturers Association (BPMA). All multinational and large manufacturers are already producing lead free paints and about 70% SMEs are started phasing out lead in paint production. The government has adopted draft standard (90 PPM) and waiting for official announcement anytime.

ESDO conducted extensive study and published reports on POPs, indoor air pollution, e-waste, lead in paints, mercury products and cosmetics, toxic heavy metal content in jewelry, children’s toys and just released the national report on “Microbead Pollution” in Bangladesh.

ESDO analyzed the country situation of e-waste management in Bangladesh and submitted the guideline to the relevant ministries of Bangladesh Government.

In order to promote toxic free agriculture, ESDO trained up the rural communities in organic agriculture in the eco-villages run by ESDO.

In 2011, ESDO along with the World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry initiated the National Campaign on mercury free dentistry in Bangladesh. As a response of the initiatives taken by ESDO around 500 dental professionals have declared themselves as mercury free dentists in Bangladesh. In association of all these ESDO works on environmental governance, conservation and protection of  nature/biodiversity and natural resources, providing environmental education for a second generation of environmental leaders, ensuring chemical safety,   raising environmental awareness and media campaign, policy advocacy and lobbying for social and environmental justice,  knowledge dissemination and cultural preservation, conducting action research on environmental and social issues.

ESDO is working for the conservation of bio-diversity, through the establishment of environmental and social justice. ESDO team believes that the combined effort of all can ensure a toxic free environment for all.

More about ESDO please visit our website www.esdo.org

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